Main objective of the project is to develop a functional collaborative platform enabling the management of data coming from analytical tools, or even of data generated by experts. Metadata analysis, synthesis and validation will be equally considered in the framework of the project. The platform will serve as a demonstrator of know-how in data management, metadata development systems and data mining of the HES-SO, and will therefore also facilitate the definition of collaborations with industrial partners.

Scientific and technical objectives are the following:

  • Design a modular and flexible architecture, which would integrate security constraints connected to authentification and data transfer;
  • Propose an integration solution;
  • Define a metadata format, which would allow for their integration, processing and sharing;
  • Study and evaluate several data mining algorithms enabling the analysis of metadata generated automatically or manually;
  • Analyse and solve the problem of confrontation, validation and integration of metadata coming from heterogeneous sources. Decision algorithms have to be defined and tested in order to assure the consolidation of information according to their reliability and consistency degree;
  • Making extracted knowledge available to the entire community of users;
  • Use a rich client type application enabling to parameter and perform a complex metadata analysis;
  • Propose an interface enabling an interactive visualisation of data, metadata and extracted knowledge thanks to a simple and intuitive navigation;
  • Develop and improve our competences in the domains of collaborative work and management of voluminous data.

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