In the last few years the appearance of collaborative systems enabled federating important volumes of resources coming from different sources. A significant and interesting part of these resources resides in analysis' results and in decisions carried out by users. Due to the evolution of material, communication technologies and progress in information processing, as well as for cost reductions, which are connected, many companies, governmental organizations or organisms from the domains of health or finance choose to use more and more complex information systems. Surprisingly, these systems incorporate only rarely users' expertise for improving their functioning. However, it seems quite possible to integrate users' diagnostics in analysis process and therefore allow for subsequent data captures to benefit from experiences acquired during previous entries.

Application domains of the project are numerous and diverse, to name a few: biomedical domain, financial data analysis, multimedia data analysis, network analysis (computer science, road traffic, water and energy distribution, etc.), or the evolution of population flows (public places, transport, migration, etc.).  

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